• All bad news for Fitzgerald as he trails Kasich by 10 in SurveyUSA poll

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    Not counting the questionable Democrat-purchased PPP polls Team Fitz has been pushing out there lately, we got our first reputable poll of the governor’s race in months today.

    The top line from SurveyUSA:

    In a hypothetical election today for Governor of Ohio, 46% would vote for incumbent Republican Kasich, 36% would vote for Democratic challenger Fitzgerald. In a separate hypothetical election today for Governor, 50% would vote for Kasich if he were opposed by Democratic challenger Larry Ealy, who gets 25%.

    Job creation was cited by the most people as the top issue that would influence their vote, and that’s very bad news for Ed Fitzgerald.

    Why? Because after losing 350,000 jobs and being stuck with an $8 billion budget shortfall by the last administration, Ohio has gained back around a quarter million jobs and put its budget back in order under Kasich.

    And with $8.5 million dollars in his war chest, Kasich will be able to tell the story of Ohio’s turnaround, while Fitzy won’t have enough money to drown him out with his contrived Debbie Downer message.

    Want even more bad news for Fitz? Democrats were sampled in this poll over Republicans by a 40-33 margin, with a huge 40% sample from the Cleveland region, Fitzgerald’s home base.

    Will the RGA and the DGA get involved in this race?

    The RGA has already started in some other states. They also have an overwhelming money advantage and could be waiting until later in the season to step in and help bury Fitzgerald.

    What about the DGA?

    We’ve speculated in the past that they might not get very involved in Ohio because Fitzgerald has shown himself, over and over, to be an incapable candidate who isn’t ready for a statewide race. If he was in their top tier, they’d have jumped in by now. Fitzgerald’s polling, poor decisions and humiliating fundraising may keep them from jumping in at all.

    This LA Times article confirms what we have been saying about the DGA not having much confidence in Ed. Ohio is not on their list of top targets.

    If Washington was reeling on Tuesday, the vertigo may have stemmed from something rare: blunt honesty from the mouth of an elected official.
    It occurred as Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin, head of the Democratic Governors Assn., detailed for reporters the group’s target races this year.
    Top tier: Maine, Pennsylvania, Florida. Second tier: Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin. Fingers crossed: South Carolina, Georgia, Kansas, Arizona.

    Not a good day for Fitz. But they are on top of it and know how to turn this around. Make jokes about drug addiction some more.


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