• Amateur hour at Team Fitzgerald continues

    by  • June 12, 2014 • Uncategorized

    The Fitzgerald campaign just sent out a fundraising email attacking Governor Kasich.

    That isn’t news, obviously. But they included another example of how clueless they really are. Below is the graphic they used.

    Who’s that guy sitting next to Kasich?

    It’s Tom Vilsack. Democrat Tom Vilsack who serves as President Obama’s Secretary of Agriculture. They sat together at a Luncheon at the Farm Science Review, at Ohio State University in Mansfield in 2012.

    Seriously guys, if you are going to continue your phony demonization of the governor as some ultra-partisan hack, you might not want to send out examples of him enjoying a pleasant lunch with an Obama cabinet member.

    Incompetent amateurs.

    Update: Marc Kovac of Ohio Capital Blog also noticed the goof. He also says that he was at this luncheon and that it took place in London, Ohio, not Mansfield. Fitzgerald’s team obviously got the photo from the USDA Flickr feed here, which says Mansfield. Kovac is the state’s leading provider of shaky video, and I put more faith in his word than an Obama administration website.


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