• Are Democrats Again Using Tragedy For Political Gain?

    by  • April 22, 2013 • Uncategorized

    Last week, former Congressman Charlie Wilson passed away.  Our thoughts and prayers certainly go out to his family, particularly his son, Jason.  As a former Senator, Jason Wilson was always a bipartisan voice in what can sometimes be a contentious upper chamber.

    So when the Ohio Democratic Party sent out an email titled “In Charlie’s memory,” we certainly sympathized with the sentiment.  But something about the email caught our eye:


    I followed the link to send my condolences, but something just wasn’t right.  Why was it that, on the form, only the e-mail field was required?


    Forgive me if I seem slightly skeptic as to the motives of such a requirement, particularly after Ohio Democrats used the Chardon shooting to collect e-mails:

    Within hours of a school shooting where children died, these cretins were jumping at the opportunity to use it to their political advantage. Even worse, they did it in a most despicable and underhanded way. They fooled people.

    They lied to people and told them they were sending condolences to the victims, when in reality they were unknowingly signing themselves up for anti-gun propaganda. The blood was still fresh, but they were already scheming to take advantage of people who wanted to comfort others.

    I’m certainly not accusing the ODP of anything, and I hope my suspicions prove false.  But why else would you provide an e-mail address to leave a simple message of condolence?  And why would it be the only required field?  It certainly raises more than a few doubts.

    Of course, it’s doubly suspicious given the fact that national Democrats seem to have used the tragedy in Boston to collect e-mails themselves.  Looks like Rahm Emmanuel was right.  Democrats can “never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

    Here’s hoping Ohio Democrats are above that.


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