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    Conservative Media’s Lack of Diversity Contributed to the Rise of Trump

    by  • August 13, 2016 • Uncategorized

    There have been many articles written by journalists and columnists about the issues surrounding the conservative media. With the rise of Donald Trump being aided and abetted by many in the conservative media, serious journalists and commentators are asking “how did this happen?” John Zeigler and others have given us tremendous insight into the...

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    Donald Trump’s Disgustingly Racist Comments About Marco Rubio Should End His Campaign

    by  • November 13, 2015 • Uncategorized

    Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has said many, many, many offensive things over the course of his inexplicably successful (so far) campaign. However, yesterday in a CNN interview he said at least two things that should permanently disqualify him from running for political office. First, while taking an unnecessary shot at fellow Presidential candidate Dr....

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