• Bill Clinton endorses Fitz. No word on new internships.

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    Ed Fitzgerald smiles like a groupie when he's with Bill Clinton.  Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Wiley have not issued endorsements yet.

    Ed Fitzgerald smiles like a groupie when he’s with Bill Clinton.  Has Fitz read Clinton’s personal resume with women?                                           

    Ed Fitzgerald is recycling the 2012 “War on Women” theme for his Gubernatorial campaign. He scored a big endorsement on Friday from the General in the War on Women, former President Bill Clinton.

    Bill Clinton doesn’t have a spotless record when it comes to properly respecting women. Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey have publicly mentioned the wounds they sustained in a very personal War on Women.

    Fitzgerald is embracing this endorsement from President Clinton. For this evidence, look no further than Ed’s smile, which resembles that of a crazed groupie. President Clinton continues to be put on a pedestal from politicians like Fitzgerald who completely overlook his history. How much does Fitzgerald trust the former President? Given Clinton’s very blemished personal record with women, would Fitzgerald be okay with his daughter interning for the former President?


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