• Bring on Sarah Palin

    by  • June 19, 2008 • Uncategorized

    McCain has already taken the offensive on the energy debate, showing an interest in ‘Deep Sea Energy Exploration’ (nice one, Frank Luntz disciples) and increased nuclear energy. Now it seems he is setting up himself to not only make the right policy decision, but appease the conservative base at the same time.

    From the Springfield News Leader:

    For years, McCain has opposed drilling for oil in Alaska’s Arctic National Refuge Area (ANWR).

    But during today’s town hall meeting, McCain said he’d be willing to reconsider that stance.

    “I would be more than happy to examine it again,” McCain said.

    Next step, tour the area with Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. As Governor, she has the moral authority to explain why ANWR should be opened up for drilling. Of course, it also is a pretty decent way to set her up to be the VP nominee. After all, who wouldn’t mind seeing this face at State funerals overseas?