• Buckeye Firearms Association: Ohio inviting gun companies to relocate

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    buckeyefirearms_logoThe Buckeye Firearms Association is one of the two major state-level organizations in Ohio that is dedicated to protecting Ohioans 2nd Amendment rights.

    When I saw a recent article they published, I was really pleased to hear about how Governor Kasich and state lawmakers are reaching out to firearms related manufacturers in other states that are trying to limit the rights of gun owners.

    While other states are driving businesses away, Ohio is working to bring those same businesses here. Representative Ron Maag (R) and Governor John Kasich are being proactive in reaching out to firearms-related companies and show them why a move to Ohio makes sense.

    Following is a press release that was issued recently by Rep. Ron Maag:

    Rep. Maag Works to Encourage Gun Manufacturing in Ohio

    Representative Ron Maag (R-Lebanon) is working with the office of Ohio Governor John Kasich to encourage gun manufacturing companies to explore opportunities in Ohio.

    With several states across the US tightening their gun laws in recent months, notably Connecticut, arms companies will be tempted to look for alternative locations. Ohio is ideal for relocation, particularly Warren County.

    “Warren County is dissected by two major interstate highways [I-75 and I-71] and is also near the Ohio River,” said Representative Maag. “There is land available and open warehouses capable of accommodating these large manufacturing companies.”

    Perhaps most importantly, Ohio is a gun friendly state. Companies may distribute their products without fighting government restrictions. With the help of Governor Kasich, Representative Maag is hoping to advertise these opportunities to out-of-state companies thereby promoting job growth in Ohio.

    Ohio does manufacturing, and we do it well. We are also the best state in the union from a distribution standpoint. We have raw materials. We have a business-friendly environment. We host the National (shooting) Matches at Camp Perry. Lots of states can compete in several areas, but no other state offers the total package that Ohio does.

    While President Obama is trying to punish lawful gun owners because of the acts of criminals, Governor Kasich has signed every piece of pro-2nd Amendment legislation that has crossed his desk. My concealed carry license expires next year, and because of one of those bills, I won’t have to take the training course all over again just to get it renewed. He also signed the restaurant carry bill that Ted Strickland didn’t bother to push through the legislature even after getting the BFA endorsement. Those two bills were significant advancements of gun owner’s rights in Ohio.

    Lots of other gun friendly states are also working hard to lure these companies, so it remains to be seen whether any will relocate to Ohio. But it’s great to see that we are definitely making an effort.


    I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.