• Capitalizing On Tragedy, Liberals Continue Campaign Of Lies

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    We’ve said it before, and we’ll likely say it again: everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but you’re not entitled to your own facts.  Yet, to Ohio liberals, apparently the facts don’t matter, as our liberal counterparts continue to harass Governor Kasich over mistruths and complete fabrications.  This time, capitalizing on tragedy in a poor attempt to score cheap political points:


    The linked article goes on to discuss cuts to the local government fund, which liberals have made a fuss about in the last two years.  Unfortunately, they seem to forget about the $8 billion structural deficit they left Kasich, but I digress.

    Now, I do not fault the Plunder-Pals for holding their own opinions as to the cause of violent crime; however, blaming Governor Kasich for it is probably not the most tasteful route.  And that’s particularly true if you dodge the facts to get to that conclusion.

    The blame for the loss of police officers in East Cleveland does not fall on Governor Kasich, but on the elected officials of East Cleveland.  Just ask them:

    East Cleveland mayor, council blame each other for police layoffs, budget mess

    EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio – The animosity between East Cleveland city council and its mayor, Gary Norton, was palpable at the Wednesday night’s council meeting.

    Norton laid out to council members and an audience of a dozen residents, layoffs to the police force if a budget cuts take place…

    After he made his presentation, Norton left the meeting, a move that rankled many council members.

    One by one, the five members of council took turns blaming the mayor and his administration for blowing a hole in the city’s budget which now, council estimates, has an $8 million shortfall.

    The loss of police was due to budget mismanagement—a fact that East Cleveland understands, even if the Plunder-Pals can’t quite grasp it.

    But what’s more egregious is the mental health comment, when anyone who’s been following politics knows that Governor Kasich has been a staunch advocate for mental health funding.

    Oh, I forgot one thing: Governor Strickland cut mental health funding by 30%, one of the highest cuts in the nation, in his final budget proposal.  And that’s something Kasich refused to do in his first budget:

    While the proposals are subject to change before Kasich unveils his biennial state budget March 15, Kasich has said he wouldn’t make the huge cuts to mental health.

    His predecessor, Ted Strickland, slashed mental health spending by 30 percent for fiscal 2011.

    It’s as if liberals have completely forgotten about just how awful things were for Ohioans under failed Governor Ted Strickland.  The facts don’t lie: Ted failed Ohioans in need of mental health assistance.  And the facts continue to tell the truth here, even if Ohio’s liberals can’t seem to get it right.

    But at the root of it all, it’s really just sad that some people would choose to use Governor Kasich’s remarks on the tragic murder of three women in Northeast Ohio to move the political needle.

    There are just some things more important than politics.


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