• Congratulations, Fitzy!… Or not

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    Eddy FirksGerhald’s campaign for governor hit a milestone over the weekend: they finally hit 30,000 Facebook “likes.”


    Of course, this would be a much bigger occasion if the campaign hadn’t been trying to get there for nearly three months:


    It took them three months to achieve their online goal.  And the campaign appealed to its Facebook audience 8 times to help them get to 30,000 fans.  Not exactly a grassroots effort, now is it?

    You’d think someone who pays for Facebook likes and spends all his time at official public meetings on Facebook would have a better knowledge of social media…

    Of course, then today Ohio Democrats sent out an email (to addresses they fraudulently obtained no less) saying Governor John Kasich is owned by special interests and that Fitzy has the grassroots support.FitzySpecialInterests

    That message might ring slightly less hollow if, ya know, Eddy Fitz wasn’t completely owned by special interests:

    The amount of money Fitzy took from special interests and non-individual donors was incredibly disproportionate to any filing in recent gubernatorial history.  We only scratched the surface yesterday, saying that “…contributions from non-individuals (i.e. PAC’s) amounted to just over 7% of Kasich’s total contributions.  That’s in stark contrast to Fitzy’s 30%, or even Strickland’s 17% (2009) from PAC’s.”

    In fact, Strickland took in 17.4% in his 2005 July filing; Kasich at 6% in 2009.  Even as incumbents, Strickland reported 29.5% (2009) and Kasich just 7.2% (2013).  Right out of the gate, Fitzy has topped those figures, at 29.9% of his total contributions coming from non-individuals and special interests.

    What’s worse, Fitzy appealed to these special interests in the final days of the reporting period, presumably to better inflate his numbers.  Of the $179,766.37 reported by Fitzy from non-individuals, over 89% of that came in the month of July, with 87% in the final three days of the month.

    Good job, Ed.  Your big milestone is not only artificially inflated and months behind, but you also have no financial credibility.

    So, congratulations, Fitzy.  Your week started with a big helping of fail, with a side of hypocrisy.


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