• Dem-Funded Poll Skews Race For Fitzy

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    On Thursday, Public Policy Polling—a liberal leaning polling firm—tweeted that they had a new poll coming out in the upcoming 2014 John Kasich v. Edward Fitzgerröld gubernatorial campaign.


    So, as you can imagine, I was eager for the poll release.  While the top-line is what people pay attention to, the internal numbers and cross-tabs are where you find out where voters really stand.  Important questions can be answered like: who’s winning independents, how are the parties split, and what age groups are voting where?  And when Friday came around…

    No poll.

    But Ohio Democrats were eager to boast about the results anyway:


    They had the results, but no one else did?  I wonder why…  Oh, that’s right; they paid for the poll.  And this early out, Democrats use bought-and-paid for polls for one reason—a fabricated and misleading distraction.

    The telephone survey of 400 likely voters in the new 16th congressional district showed Sutton and Renacci each would have 45 percent of the vote. The poll had a 4.9 percent margin of error.  Its results likely factored into Sutton’s decision to challenge Renacci after her old district was split up five ways.

    Renacci spokesman Shawn Ryan declined comment on the poll, which the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released to reporters on Wednesday afternoon.

    The polling firm that conducted the survey, GBA Strategies, lists Sutton as a client.

    “In every respect, the data shows that this is a competitive district,” pollster Mike Bocian said in a summary.

    In case you missed it, Sutton lost to Renacci.  Bad.  The only reason for the Democrat-funded poll was a feeble attempt at trying to keep interest in a race that is headed toward a blowout.  The last trustworthy poll has FitzGerald with just 24% Name ID, and trailing Kasich by 9 points.  The new PPP poll can’t be trusted.  Just ask national polling extraordinaire Nate Silver.

    You know, the guy that correctly predicted every state in the 2012 election.  Yes, that Nate Silver.

    Oh, yea… he’s the guy that current-ODP spokesperson Brian Hester once boasted about on his twitter page with the following avatar:


    Funny how Hester and his ODP colleagues are now in love with PPP—and paid them for the results they wanted.  As for us, we’ll trust Nate Silver and wait for a reputable pollster—one not funded by the Democrat party—for realistic numbers on the state of Ohio’s gubernatorial contest.

    Because by every indication to date, Fitzy is bumbling and stumbling like the inexperienced hack he is.


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