• Did Fitzy Shirk His Duties?

    by  • April 25, 2013 • Uncategorized

    Over the last several months, you might have noticed we at 3BP just can’t seem to spell Eddy FitzGerble’s name right.  It’s just so darn hard to spell, even Fitzy himself can’t get it right.


    Of course, taking jabs at an overly ambitious diva’s sensitivities is one thing.  Ignoring the duties of the office you were elected to serve is another.  And that’s exactly what FitzJerald implied with his memo last fall:

    “Effective immediately, regardless of deadlines or emergencies, Ed will no longer sign letters, contracts, documents, etc. that does not have his name spelled properly (Edward FitzGerald),” FitzGerald’s administrative assistant Tanya Hairston wrote. “Additionally, please remember that his last name does have a capital G and should be used accordingly. I have also be informed to please return any documents that does not conform with his instructions to the sender.”

    So has Fitzy been shirking his duties because of his delicate ego?  That’s what the Ohio Republican Party is aiming to find out through a public records request, according to a new release:

    “Ohioans deserve to know if Ed’s refusal to sign important state and federal documents interfered with disaster relief aid, critical public safety measures, or any other issues,” said ORP Spokesman Matthew Henderson.

    The issue deserves some attention—if Fitzy is letting his ego get in the way of his job, Ohioans should know.  Particularly if he wants to be governor.

    Of course, with liberal newspapers calling him out, and lackluster (at best) crowds for his gubernatorial announcement, he might not have to worry about that all that much.


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