• Dispatch poll: Ohio Dems about to get thumped all the way down the ticket

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    ODP Chairman Chris Redfern

    ODP Chairman Chris Redfern

    From Darren Rowland of the Dispatch comes the results of the final Dispatch poll, which nailed the governor’s race in 2010 excactly.

    The poll shows every statewide Democrat losing on Tuesday, most of them by large margins. Even the Ohio Supreme Court candidates. Here are the topline results:

    Governor: Kasich 62 – Fitzgerald 34 (28 points)
    Treasurer: Josh Mandel 53 – Connie Pillich 47 (6 points)
    Attorney General: Mike DeWine 61 – David Pepper 39 (22 points)
    Secretary of State: Jon Husted 58 – Nina Turner 37 (21 points)
    Auditor: Dave Yost 55 – John P. Carney 39 (16 points)
    Supreme Court: Sharon Kennedy 75 – Tom Letson 25 (50 points)
    Supreme Court: Judi French 56 – John P. O’Donnell 42 (12 points)

    Per the Dispatch:

    The poll shows that the potential Democratic debacle stems from a simple cause: Their voters are staying home. Republican turnout may top Democrats’ by 9 percentage points — unusual for a state as politically balanced as Ohio. If this year’s projected electorate had shown up in 2012, Mitt Romney would have beaten Barack Obama by 4 points instead of losing by 3.

    One out of every 4 Ohio Democrats who say they are going to the polls is rejecting FitzGerald, the Cuyahoga County executive.

    If Republican turnout really does end up being that much higher than the Democrats, Republicans are going to pick up even more seats in the legislature they already dominate. We could be looking at a 2/3 majority in the House, like Republicans in the Senate already enjoy.

    Congratulations, Ed Fitzgerald. You destroyed the Ohio Democratic Party in 2014.
    Congratulations, Chris Redfern. You put this guy on the top of your ticket without vetting him.


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