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    After witnessing the clusterfark that is Ed Fitzgerald’s campaign, it was inevitable that Ohio Democrats have begun to question the legitimacy of the bottom of the barrel candidate at the top of their ticket.

    A couple of weeks ago it was reported that Hamilton County Commission Todd Portune may enter the primary race against Fitzgerald. Portune has decided to end the days of speculation and announce his intentions at 4PM today.

    If Portune decides to run, it would throw a wrench in the plans of County Executive Ed FitzGerald — and the Ohio Democratic Party — for FitzGerald to run without a costly Democratic primary fight.

    However, we may have an early indication on what Portune is going to do.

    There is already a web domain called ToddPortune.com. Currently, if you go to that address, you are redirected to Portune’s Hamilton County Commissioner page.

    However, we took a look into the details of the domain history. It is owned by a Ned Portune in Loveland. That’s a Cincinnati suburb and we assume that is a relative of Todd’s.

    What’s telling is that the domain information was updated. Today.


    This could be just a coincidence, but we doubt it. This is exactly the kind of activity you would expect to see when someone is about to launch a new website on the same day of a big announcement.

    We also have information from additional sources we cannot quote that says that Portune will announce at 4 that he is entering the race.

    This is all really bad news for Fitz. And even if Portune declines, which looks unlikely now, it speaks volumes about Fitz’s worthiness as a candidate when his fellow Democrats have been publicly discussing entering the primary at this very late date.


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