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    A new poll is out today on a number of issues here in Ohio, the least of which is the race for the state’s highest office.  And while there’s a lot of information to be gleaned from the numbers, there’s certainly one that stands out above all the rest, as the Cleveland Plain Dealer points out:

    “Those numbers and others showed early struggles for Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald, the Democrat likely to face Kasich in November 2014. This poll is the first independent survey of Ohioans since FitzGerald formally declared his candidacy in late April, and results show he sustained no bounce from the announcement.”

    The number the Plain Dealer is referring to is a whopping 76% of Ohioans that don’t know who Fitzy even is. That’s unchanged from his April number, showing just how little anyone knows about the Public Official 14.

    And that even includes the pollsters themselves:


    That’s pretty bad, even for Fitzy’s standards.

    Of course, there’s still a lot that can happen before the election.  But at this rate, come November 2014, it’s hard to see how voters won’t be asking themselves: “Fitz-who?”


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    6 Responses to Ed Fitz-Who?

    1. Fargo44
      June 26, 2013 at 9:16 AM

      Governor Kasich is looking reasonable for re-election at this time — but he and the ORP had better be prepared to get out some votes on their own this time. Frankly, I wonder if that will happen — the entire GOP (state and national) seems to be the party of stupid & incompetence these days. Look no farther then “immigration reform”!

      Governor Kasich won the narrowest victory of any statewide candidate in 2010. He won because statewide thousands of Tea Party volunteers worked for countless hours for his victory. Here in Hamilton County all of the phones at the Victory Center were manned until nearly 7 pm on election night calling republicans who had not voted. Those were Tea Party volunteers.

      He won’t get that kind of dedication this time. First, his administration botched the Public Union reform, then he back down on Obamacare (after promising in his campaign not to) and after Ohio had voted clearly (65%) that they did not want that,

      Now he has really kicked conservatives in the face when he picked a corrupt, liberal Matt Borges (who has not even paid his taxes, plus his expunged criminal record) as the new statewide Chairman of the ORP to replace Bob Bennett. This after loud conservative objections and also after they help him get rid of Kevin DeWine.

      I realize that here at Third Base politics Kasich walks on water but that view is less widely shared than you think.

    2. Jake3BP
      June 26, 2013 at 1:38 PM

      My comments were aimed more at how poorly Fitzy is doing than at anything Kasich related. At this point Democrats are betting the farm on an unknown commodity.

      More to your point, I just do not favor openly bashing Republican officials over policy differences that the Republican party itself has issues. No politician ever will share 100% of my views or your views. So when I don’t agree, I don’t yell it from the mountains—I confront them directly. While it may seem that I think “Kasich walks on water,” I can assure you, I have just as many criticisms as the next guy.

      I just don’t see how openly bashing Kasich, or any other Republican, is good for the party. It does nothing but hurt the GOP, while strengthening their opposition. And I won’t let ideological purity allow for Governor Ed FitzGerrald to ever take office.

      Ugh… I shudder at the thought.

    3. Fargo44
      June 26, 2013 at 3:44 PM

      Yes I was somewhat OT in my reply.

      As well, I agree that the democrats are worse. But for me that doesn’t cut it anymore. I’m 68 and this isn’t my first rodeo. The republican party has trifled with me one too many times. If the party thinks they can run democrat-light and win more power to them.

      The appointment of Matt Borges (the Governor’s choice) when a strong conservative was available and willing to step up was outrageous. This country is on the verge of total collapse (as per the the country as founded)

      Yes, Renaldus Mangnus once said don’t criticize “fellow republicans”. But that was a much different time — most republicans at least respected the founding principles of our Republic and the concepts of individual liberty but the differed on policy and procedures on how best to assure it. Hardly the case today.

      Does anyone think one democrat will vote for John Kasich as a result of his appointment of a liberal to head the OR central committee? Of course not!

      OTOH, do you think a lot of the party’s base — yes that would be CONSERVATIVES — the ones who actually SHOW UP day after day — hot or cold, sun shine or rain to actually WORK for the candidates — will be be turned off? YES they will.

      Does Governor Kasich really STILL think that the reason Obama carried Ohio was because the “demographics have changed” (or some other claptrap) or because the a large part of the BASE OF THE PARTY — the conservatives (mostly Caucasian – -but so what?) didn’t show at the polls? Did not show up because Romney (despite being a fine person) was a total dud as a candidate, failed to fight back and stand for something, and show the political skills of a freshman running of student council for the first time? You answer that one.

      Why should I go out 6 hours a day, every day for two and a half months again to work for republicans when that is what I get back for the effort? Don’t consider myself to be quite the fool the ORP thinks I am.

    4. June 28, 2013 at 10:36 PM

      How was Borges “appointed?”

      Wasn’t he voted for overwhelmingly by the central committee?
      And wasn’t the central committee elected by Ohio Republicans?

      This is why the OLC is driving itself into irrelevancy. They demand 100% ideological purity to their standards, or else. After existing as an entity for like 3 years, they demand that THEIR man be put in charge, OR ELSE.

      And when they lose, they gin up phony controversies like “he was appointed.”

      No wonder the vast majority of Ohioans ignore them or outright dislike them.

      I agree with most of their positions. But their tactics and behavior sucks.

    5. July 6, 2013 at 1:41 PM

      Nick, the conversation between you and Fargo44 is better than the article!!

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