• Ed Fitzgerald: Hey, let’s split the convention between two cities or something

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    For being the latest version of crooked Cuyahoga County commission Jimmy DiMora, Eddie Fitzjarold sure has developed an ego after two years in office.

    Just last week, he issued an edict that you better spell his name right, or else. Then on Saturday, he claimed that in his position as a glorified county commissioner, he is the 2nd most powerful person in Ohio. From the Plain Dealer:

    Take, for instance, FitzGerald’s speech Saturday at a Franklin County Democratic Party event in Columbus, captured on video by GOP trackers recently assigned to follow him. In the brighter spotlight afforded gubernatorial prospects, FitzGerald noted that in his county, some consider his elected office the state’s most powerful behind the governor’s.

    Sounds like Edwerd is having some serious delusions of grandeur.

    Next, he revealed his genius of an idea for the next Democratic National Convention. You see, he would like the convention to be hosted in Cleveland, but Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman is pushing for it to come to Columbus.

    He then told the Columbus crowd that he had a “perfect” compromise.

    “It’s about a four-day convention,” he said. “We’ll do two days down here and the last two days up in Cleveland.”

    Perfect solution? Not for the thousands of delegates, party leaders and journalists who would have to pack up midweek, check out of one hotel and travel up Interstate 71 to check into another. Not for the Secret Service.

    From his delivery and body language in the video, it was tough to tell whether FitzGerald, who has a dry sense of humor, was serious. He smirked a bit as he said it, but if he intended his proposal to be a punchline, it fell flat in the room.


    His office later claimed that he was only joking. When Fitsgereld isn’t alienating Columbus crowds, his office is shoring up his home base by attacking the Cleveland Indians. After Matt Dolan criticized him for wanting to be governor after only being elected to his current post two years ago, his spokeswoman had this mature response:

    County spokeswoman Nicole Dailey Jones shot back, “Mr. Dolan should reserve his disappointment for Indians starting pitching.” Dolan’s father, Larry Dolan, owns the team.

    Keep talking, Ed.


    I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.