• Ed FitzGerald lays an egg…..

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    Ed FitzGeraldEd Fitzgerald, or “Fitzy” as he is affectionately called, stuck his foot in his mouth again today when he proposed using a line item veto for other than its intended purpose. Another in a long list of eggs he has laid, Fitzy once again doesn’t even understand the power of the job he is running for.

    The line item veto, per the Ohio Constitution may be used by the Governor in matters of spending provisions. I know, that pesky set of laws we call the Ohio Constitution has struck again. Fitzy can’t just use the line item when he wants to. Actually, in all likelyhood, he’ll never use it at all since his chances of getting elected are about the same as Rosie O’Donnel voting for a Bush.

    The Constitution says: “the governor may disapprove any item or items in any bill making an appropriation of money,” but an analysis of the Senate-passed version of the bill by the nonpartisan Legislative Service Commission does not show any state spending provisions in the proposed law.

    Sounds pretty clear. However, Fitzy said of House bill 310: “Although it looks like it’s going to pass the House, it doesn’t mean that the governor couldn’t use the line-item veto to excise some of the more obnoxious provisions in the bill,” 

    Poor Fitzy, he doesn’t really know anything. It’s almost sad. Almost. In all reality, it’s hilarious. The Democrat party searched their members, dug into every corner of every room, ran polls, spent millions of dollars researching how to beat John Kasich, and they come up with this buffoon.

    His “communications director” (read: The guy Fitzy pays to lie about his idiocy) explained the gaff: “I guess it would be misspeaking.”

    No sir, it is stupidity. The quicker you realize it, the easier your loss in November will be.

    Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.



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