• Fitzgerald says former Lehman employees are so unfit that he hired one as County Treasurer

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    CaptureEd Fitzgerald talked to reporters today at the Columbus Metropolitan Club, and pulled out another desperate attempt to save his lowly campaign. It didn’t work for Ted Strickland 4 years ago, but that didn’t stop Ed. (What does he have to lose?) He brought up Lehman Brothers.

    See the video below from Marc Kovac of Ohio Capital Blog. Once Ed finishes chewing his lunch, he moves on…

    Apparently anyone who happened to have a job in the financial industry is unfit for office, according to Ed. Darren Rowland of the Dispatch also reported on the comments:

    Ed FitzGerald said Gov. John Kasich would not even be fit to belong to his gubernatorial cabinet because of his past association with Lehman Brothers, the Wall Street firm that helped spark the Great Recession when it went belly-up in 2008.

    Guess who Ed Fitzgerald appointed to be his Cuyahoga County treasurer? And guess who he worked for?

    In a letter to county council Tuesday afternoon, FitzGerald nominated William Sheehan, a senior financial reporting administrator in the county’s office of budget and management, to serve as interim treasurer for the rest of the year.

    Sheehan has worked for the county since 2008, and currently makes $66,200, according to county records.

    Before joining the county, Sheehan worked in the private sector for financial firms including Charter One, Lehman Brothers and Chase, according to his resume. He holds an undergraduate degree from Princeton and a masters in business administration from Harvard, according to his resume.

    Two pieces of advice to whatever is left of Ed Fitzgerald’s campaign staff:

    1. Tell Ed to finish chewing before he talks to reporters.

    2. Don’t let him bring up failed four year old attacks that will come back to make him a hypocrite.


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