• Confessions Of A Female Conservative Blogger: I Rode On An Elevator With Ed Fitzgerald

    by  • October 24, 2014 • Uncategorized


    On Wednesday, I went to the City Club of Cleveland to watch Ed Fitzgerald debate Anita Rios, the Green Party candidate for Governor. I wanted to see Fitzgerald attempt to spin his wheels out when asked about his questionable judgment.  I live tweeted the event and tagged Fitzgerald.  His staff should have not only known I was there but where I was sitting as I made it known on social media.

    After tweeting the debate, his staff actually allowed me on the elevator with Fitzgerald. I found this amusing on many levels. I took the opportunity to ask him why he endorsed Kent Smith, who wrote a rather inflammatory book.  Carrying on with the ODP’s theme this election cycle, Fitzgerald admitted that he didn’t “vet” Smith before endorsing him and he refused to look at the pictures from the book.

    Fitzgerald refuses to release the records regarding his use of the Cuyahoga County parking garage. The County Executive cites security concerns as his reason for not being transparent.  Even Jimmy Dimora released records of his comings and goings – into the Cuyahoga County garage at least. This is obviously a paper tiger of an excuse.  If security is a concern for the Fitzgerald campaign, why would they allow others to get on an elevator with him.

    Perhaps they thought it was safe because Fitzgerald didn’t need a license to operate an elevator and it wasn’t 4:30 am.



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