• Ed says a whole lot of nothing

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    Many have seen that Ed released his first TV ad recently. You shouldn’t be surprised to read that it is less than impressive and almost a complete failure in the timing department. More on his hodgepodge of a team’s decision for when to roll out this one of a kind ad here.

    Anyways, at this point in the game, every political ad, speech, email, etc. should have substance and really speak to Ohioans. Why would any smart candidate spend a huge chunk of his war chest on an ad that said absolutely nothing? Well, Fitzy did just that and made for a comical piece in the Cleveland Plain Dealer! If you haven’t read the story yet, don’t worry, I’ll share my favorite line with you!

    Typically the Plain Dealer’s Truth in Numbers articles have commenters rate a certain story while a reporter and panel of editors from the paper do the same. At the end of voting, the paper writes a follow up comparing the two scores. A few days ago, they asked readers to rate Ed’s first TV ad.

    Okay, so now as promised, here’s my favorite line from the follow up:

    “But reporter Jackie Borchardt and our panel of editors have concluded that this ad doesn’t have enough substance to rate, a situation we did not foresee last month when we launched our new fact-checking feature.”

    Wow. I mean, is anyone else smirking as much as I am reading that line? If the largest newspaper in your own backyard doesn’t take your rambling of nothingness seriously, why do you think Ohio voters should Ed?

    Oh, I’ve also created a disclaimer for the ad I really think his team should consider adding. Enjoy!

    Ed Fitzgerald

    Ed Fitzgerald