• Edvurd FitzGerry Forms “Exploratory Committee” To Run For Ohio Governor

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    Apparently Public Official 14 is officially running for Ohio Governor come 2014:

    Anyone who’s been paying attention already knew that FitzGerry was going to run against Governor John Kasich come 2014.  He’s hired failed Governor Strickland’s top strategists.  He’s raising money (albeit, it’s not nearly enough to make a serious gubernatorial run).  And now he’s launched a so-called “exploratory committee,” despite the fact that Ohio doesn’t actually allow such a thing:


    Putting aside the fact that FicksGerald apparently doesn’t know election law, the move is incredibly overambitious, especially in light of last week’s Quinnipiac poll:

    …the numbers speak for themselves on the Democrat front runner: Cuyahoga County Executive Edwűrd FickleGerald.  Though he’s clearly posturing to be the nominee next year, voters know him the least among all Democrats surveyed.

    That’s right.  FitzGerolled is unknown to 80% of Ohio voters.  The funny part?  That’s an improvement.  Only 15% recognized his name two months ago.  At this rate, around 40% of voters will at least know him come Election Day 2014 (though, less than 30% would view him favorably).

    In a potential match up, Governor Kasich holds a 45% to 35% edge over FitzGibbons.  Kasich is +21% among Independents, +4% among women, and holds leads in every age demographic.  Kasich also is up among all income brackets, coming in at +15% among middle class voters.

    FitzGerbel is the least known candidate of any Democrat frontrunner.  He’s got a very minimal campaign chest.  And in a head-to-head with Governor Kasich, he’s down in every major demographic.  And with Ohio doing better and better every day, Kasich’s numbers are sure to improve.

    So why is FitsJeruld even considering a run?  Well, as our liberal friends once put it, he’s a “skin crawling careerist.”  Enough said.


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