• Fitzgerald gets pummeled by Todd Portune in Plain Dealer poll

    by  • January 13, 2014 • Uncategorized

    Nina-eyes-Eds-spotOn Friday, the Plain Dealer hosted an online poll between Ed Fitzgerald and Todd Portune on its website.

    Obviously, this was not a scientifically conducted poll. But the results still have to be shocking and worrisome for Ed and the Ohio Democratic Party, who has endorsed him and who is doing everything they can to discourage any momentum at all by Portune.

    CaptureAfter 3 days of polling, Todd Portune is winning over Plain Dealer readers, in his own county, by a whopping 77%-21%.

    Couple this with the recent news that Portune, from Cincinnati, got invite to marshal East Cleveland’s MLK parade instead of Fitz, and it’s becoming clear that even in Fitzgerald’s own neighborhood, there just isn’t much enthusiasm for his campaign.


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