• Fitzy Already Raising The Legislative White Flag

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    Yesterday, Ed FizzGerald got some good news (at least for him), as the much stronger Democrat candidate, former Attorney General Richard Cordray was appointed to the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, effectively making Fitzy the last and only gubernatorial option for Ohio Democrats.  In what I can only imagine were celebratory remarks to the Columbus Dispatch, Fitzy decided to come out swinging, talking tough about the Republican-led legislature.

    However, he likely just tipped his hand as to what Democrats really think of their chances to compete in Ohio House and Senate races:

    “There’s going to be an enormous showdown between my office, if I am elected governor, and the legislature,” FitzGerald said in a speech Saturday to Fairfield County Democrats. “An enormous showdown, and I can’t predict how it’s going to turn out. But my guess is it’s going to be a pretty dramatic confrontation where I am going to be calling them into session over and over and over again, where we are probably going to put some things on the ballot directly.”

    FitzGerald, the Democratic Cuyahoga County executive, also had a dire prediction for his party’s chances come election time in various House and Senate races.

    “And the chances of us, we have a small chance to with [sic] the House of Representatives, it’s a very small chance to at least get to the point where they wouldn’t be able to override my vetoes,” FitzGerald said. “That’s what I am hoping is going to happen. The Senate has not been competitive for a couple of decades.” [emphasis mine].

    A small chance to win the House, and the Senate hasn’t been competitive in years.  I wonder if maybe Democrats’ extremely liberal policies, perhaps, could be a turn off for Ohio voters?  Just maybe?

    Of course, as Vardon points out in the article, Fitzy’s admission tips his hand even further:

    “For the sake of argument, if FitzGerald were elected governor, it would take 60 GOP votes to override his vetoes. So, Democrats would need to win (drumroll, please) … one extra seat.”

    That can’t make the Democrat Caucuses in the House and Senate very happy—they’re gubernatorial nominee-in-waiting just said they have little to no chance of winning even one seat.  What do you think that will do to their already dismal fundraising efforts, not to mention their ability to recruit viable candidates?

    Aside from skin crawling career politicians, no potential Democrat rising stars are going to step up just to get smacked down at the ballot box knowing the guy at the top of the ticket has already written them off.  Not exactly a vote of confidence, that’s for sure.

    So, congrats, Fitzy.  There’s 16 months until November 2014 and you’ve already alienated your Democrat allies in the legislature.


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