• FLASHBACK: Edard FicksGerald’s $100 Plan

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    With Public Official 14 currently (and laughably) occupying frontrunner status for the Democrat gubernatorial nomination in 2014, the Cuyahoga County Executive is met with the burden of showing what he would do differently to move Ohio in a different direction.  But, with Governor John Kasich creating jobs like it’s going out of style, one really has to wonder exactly why FicksGerald would want to do anything differently.

    Yet, last November, we learned exactly what Eddy would do differently: solve college funding problems with $100!

    CLEVELAND, Ohio — Every Cuyahoga County kindergartner would receive a $100 college savings account under a plan county Executive Ed FitzGerald says will create a “culture of college attendance” for children and their parents.

    Talk about revolutionary!  A $100 savings account as a kindergartner?  At today’s interest rates, when that kid turns 18, that’ll be a whopping $113!  Put another way, fourteen years later, that kindergartner can pay for 1/3 of a credit hour at Cleveland State University, assuming they lock in tuition fees for that amount of time.

    Heck, even assuming an amazing return of 20% per year would bring that $100 up to around $1600 by the time that kid goes to college.  Even at today’s tuition, that student couldn’t afford a single semester with even that inflated amount.

    And yet this is the amazing solution to Ohio’s college financial woes.  It’s no wonder FitzGurrolled sits at a pathetic 13% statewide approval rating.  With cockamamie ideas like his kindergarten plan, that number isn’t destined to climb.

    Seriously, with solutions like that, who needs problems?


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