• Franklin schools superintendent admits he broke the law

    by  • February 22, 2013 • Uncategorized

    Arnol-ElamWe were the first to tell you about Franklin City Schools Superintendent Arnol Elam’s publicly-funded campaign letter urging parents to join him opposing John Kasich’s reelection as governor.

    The Cincinnati Enquirer reports today that an investigation into Elam’s blatantly illegal behavior was closed after the superintendent admitted breaking the law, and promised to reimburse the district for the cost of printing and distributing the letter.

    From the Enquirer:

    In a statement, Fornshell wrote, “From our very first conversation, (Franklin School) officials expressed their regret over including the offending language in a letter that was both produced and distributed using public funds.

    “Superintendent Elam and the (Franklin) Board of Education have acknowledged that the inclusion of the offending language did, in fact, violate (Ohio Revised Code) 9.03(C)(1)(e) and Superintendent Elam intends to personally reimburse the district for the funds used to produce the page of the letter that contained the offending language.”

    Beyond the illegality of the letter, it’s important to note, again, that Elam’s assertions in the letter were just plain wrong to begin with.