• Goat Rodeo: to promote the “win tax”, Fitzgerald campaign quotes people who mocked it

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    goatrodeoYesterday, we showed you the mostly negative reactions to Ed Fitzgerald’s adsurd “win tax” proposal.

    In an effort to quell the damage, his imported, out-of-state campaign staff began tweeting quotes from Plain Dealer editorial staff.

    The problem is, everyone they quoted either thinks it won’t work, or outright mocked the idea.

    Here’s Lauren Hitt, Fitzgerald’s press secretary,

    Lauren is quoting Peter Krouse from last November. Here’s what he said about the “win tax” yesterday.

    As much as I would like to see Cleveland win a championship of any kind, I don’t think FitzGerald’s so-called “win tax” would improve those chances in any way. When Jimmy Haslam, Dan Gilbert or the Dolans decide to spend money on free agents, they aren’t going to factor in the possibility of getting new carpeting or improved toilets in their respective venues down the road.

    Hitt also tweeted a quote from Sharon Broussard, also from 7 months ago.

    What did Broussard, a liberal, say about the “win tax”?

    A fan advisory committee? Extra construction money for winning teams? Really? This sounds like a “Saturday Night Live” skit and it’s just about comical. But here’s the sad part: I am losing heart nearly every time FitzGerald opens his mouth these days.

    And here’s Nick Buis, Fitzgerald’s campaign manager. He quotes Thomas Suddes.

    Suddes had this to say about the win tax yesterday,

    With all due respect, the two words that come to mind about this proposal are “publicity stunt.”

    Pro-tip for Team Fitzgerald: If you are going to quote people in order to promote your idea, don’t quote the ones who ridiculed your idea just hours earlier.

    Ed Fitzgerald

    Ed Fitzgerald’s win tax didn’t go over so well


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