• Good Lord, is Ed Fitzgerald buying Facebook followers now?

    by  • August 30, 2013 • Uncategorized

    Looks like “Facebook Fitzy” is a more appropriate moniker for Ed Fitzgerald than we first thought. It appears that in an effort to show that he has an enthusiastic groundswell of grassroots support, he is buying “Facebook Likes”.

    How do we know this? Because while his Facebook Likes have increased by 30,000 since his announcement, his number of Twitter followers has only increased by about a thousand. Recall our post from April about his desperate Twitter campaign. He had close to 1100 followers then.


    If he was truly picking up honest social media followers, his Twitter and Facebook increases would be in proportion to each other. But they aren’t. They aren’t even close.

    This sheds a little bit more light on what Ed is doing on Facebook during council meetings now, doesn’t it?


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