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    Ohio’s former Governor, the walking, talking recession that is Ted Strickland, made the choice not to take on Governor John Kasich in 2014.  Turns out he can pay attention to poll numbers.  So, with that decision out of the way, Governor Job Loss quickly endorsed Public Official 14… err… I mean Eddy FitzGerald for the top of the Democrat ticket.

    Photo Courtesy of Ohio GOP

    Photo Courtesy of Ohio GOP

    And by quickly, I mean six months later.

    “This election is about the future, not the past, as it should be,” Mr. Strickland said… 

    The endorsement came as no surprise. Mr. FitzGerald is the only Democrat in the race.

    How telling is it that Strickland—possibly Ohio’s best known Democrat—waited until after former Attorney General Richard Cordray, Democrats’ best hope against Kasich, removed himself from contention?  That sure is some confidence Democrats have in their apparent gubernatorial nominee.

    And this news comes less than 24 hours after another prominent Ohio Democrat refused to endorse Fitzy:

    Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman stood with Gov. John Kasich two weeks ago, the Democratic mayor and Republican governor praising each other for their efforts to win passage of a law meant to improve the city’s public-education system…

    “The governor’s race is the furthest thing from my mind,” Coleman told The Dispatch. “On national issues, state issues, I have been a loyal Democrat, but I commend this governor for supporting me, supporting the city, for getting education going down the right road.”

    Coleman repeatedly declined to endorse Kasich’s likely Democratic challenger, Ed FitzGerald.

    If statewide Democrats view Cuyahoga County as priority #1, Franklin County has to be #1B.  Any Democrat that hopes to win has to win Franklin County, and win it handily.  Yet Franklin County’s top Democrat refuses to endorse Fitzy.  I’m sure that doesn’t bode well for grassroots support, not to mention the substantial fundraising resources in the Central Ohio area.

    So, over the course of one day, Fitzy garnered the support of Mr. 400,000 Jobs Lost, and remains on the outs with the Democrat mayor of Ohio’s largest city.

    Remind me how that’s a win?


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