• Happy Independence Day… Sort Of

    by  • July 4, 2012 • Uncategorized

    236 years ago, some of the most visionary men in world history declared American independence from government tyranny that had enveloped every aspect of their lives.

    At the time, excessive taxation had crippled many American families and government interference in the lives of each individual was intolerable.  These brave men took action vowing to never again allow their government to invade the lives of its citizenry, and to hold accountable those that lead this nation.

    Oh, how far we’ve strayed…

    So, with the President’s healthcare plan invading the lives of every American and in the midst of a congressional investigation with which the President’s Attorney General refuses to comply, just how far have we come as a nation on this, America’s 236th birthday?

    Well, Happy Independence Day anyway… sort of.


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