• I’m a Rubio Delegate, and I Just Voted for Kasich in Ohio. Here’s Why.

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    [The following is a guest post from a personal friend, Phil Van Treuren. I am also a Rubio delegate, and already cast my vote for Rubio weeks ago. But Phil has a point here and if I still had yet to vote, I would be thinking long and hard about this. -Nick]


    By Phil Van Treuren

    No doubt about it: Marco Rubio would be one hell of a standard bearer for the GOP in a general election. He’s the best candidate to beat Hillary in November, boost our underticket candidates, and grow our party. I’m proud to be a Rubio delegate, and would be proud to call him my president.

    But I voted for John Kasich, not Rubio, in the Ohio primary yesterday.

    My reason is simple: to stop megalomaniac Donald Trump from clinching the nomination and leading our party into a train wreck this fall.

    Listen: Ohio is a winner-take-all primary state. The top vote-getter receives every one of our 66 delegates. If we handed them out proportionally, I’d gladly vote for Rubio in hopes of him clinching a few.

    But that’s not the reality here, folks. Neither Rubio or Cruz have a hope of winning Ohio; polling consistently shows them far behind Trump. John Kasich, though, is running neck-and-neck with The Donald here, and a few extra votes could put him over the top.

    If Trump gets the nomination, you might as well start calling Hillary “Madam President.”

    Worse than that: with Trump on the ballot, we’ll have a slaughter of the Republican underticket in Ohio unlike anything you’ve seen in a generation. Say hello to a Senator Strickland, GOP losses in the state legislature, and a bloodbath for Republican candidates in counties across the Buckeye State.

    I get it: a lot of you Rubio and Cruz supporters don’t like Kasich. You want to cast your ballot for your favorite candidate out of principle, even if they don’t have a chance of winning Ohio.

    If this were any other year, I’d say go for it. But this year we’re faced with the prospect of a candidate who could saddle every Republican in Ohio with his narrow-minded, bullying brand of politics.

    I refuse to giving Trump the delegates he needs to hang that albatross around our necks.

    Here’s the long and short of it: a vote for anyone other than John Kasich in Ohio is a vote for Trump. I hate that it’s reached that point, but it’s reality. And I hope that my fellow Rubio supporters — and Cruz folks, as well — will join me in doing whatever it takes to keep Trump from taking Ohio.

    Phil Van Treuren is a city councilman in Amherst, a former winner of the Ohio Young Republican of the Year Award, and a member of the Lorain County Republican Party Executive Committee.


    I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.