• Kasich fundraising way ahead of Strickland’s

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    About a month ago, new fundraising reports for state candidates were posted at the SOS website. Let’s take a look at Governor Kasich’s latest report.

    Money raised: $1,380,204
    Number of donations: 3968
    Expenditures: $282,339
    Balance on hand: $1,458,593

    OK, so what does that mean? Are those numbers good or bad? Let’s compare with Ted Strickland’s numbers at the exact same point in his term.

    Money raised: $422,147
    Number of donations: 438
    Expenditures: $245,647
    Balance on hand: $600,048

    So, in the same period, Kasich has raised 3 times more money from 9 times as many donors. And he has almost 2 1/2 times as much money in the bank as Strickland did when he was 18 months into his term. Hilariously enough, Ted Strickland’s favorite cheerleaders over at Plunderdumb suggested just 6 months ago that Kasich was having trouble raising funds.

    For the sad sack of Ohio Democrats who want to run against Kasich in 2014, these numbers send quite a message. This includes Ted Strickland himself, who looks to be the most likely challenger at this point.

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