• Fitzgerald Endorsed Ohio House Candidate Wrote Book With Anti-Semitic Undertones

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    The Ohio Democratic Party has had a miserable year. With Ed Fitzgerald weighing down the top of their ticket, the remainder of their statewide slate has essentially no chance to succeed. The blame for this all rests at the feet of ODP Chair, Chris Redfern who failed to vet Fitzgerald, giving him a rubber stamp of approval for Governor based on his smile and a very short lived stint at the FBI.

    The Democrats have another endorsed candidate who should be bringing them some shame. Kent Smith is running for Ohio House District 8, the seat being vacated by Former House Majority Leader and candidate for Cuyahoga County Executive, Armond Budish. Along with the other Democrats and the party, Fitzgerald and Budish have endorsed Kent Smith’s candidacy.

    But, there’s a problem. Smith wrote a book he says is about The Tea Party, but it relies heavily on anti-Semitic and anti-Christian undertones. His book, “Please God Save Us” is highlighted on his campaign website as an accomplishment. The artwork is more than a little inflammatory in nature. It depicts Republicans as evil elephants displaying crosstikas, a combination of a cross and a swastika.


    While the First Amendment gives someone protection and the right to make fools of themselves or say something inflammatory or blasphemous, typically elected officials and candidates are held to higher standard. After all, they are supposed to represent all their constituents, not just the ones who agree with their charged views. His book might very well prevent Smith from properly working with Republicans or people of faith. The State government will continue to be dominated by Republicans. If elected, Smith would be forced to work with Republicans, but after writing a book that has artwork equating them to Nazis, it is easy to question how he can successfully reach across the aisle.

    Mikhail Alterman is Smith’s opponent in next month’s election. He obviously is concerned about this book and believes it is reflective of Kent Smith.

    “The whole concept of blasphemy is foreign to him. It is difficult to decide what is more upsetting, the images and the things this book is talking about or the fact that to this day the candidate is oblivious to it, is proud of it and is bragging about it on his campaign website.”


    Smith does not hide from this book. If anyone vetted him, they would have easily found the book, which should have raised their eyebrows. Budish claims he has not read the book. Apparently he follows Chris Redfern’s lead with endorsing people without vetting them. Now they have a candidate in a heavily Jewish district who doesn’t seem to be sensitive to the constituents.


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