• Manning’s accusation smacks of sour grapes and desperation

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    After Tuesday’s primary election, we now know the makeup of the new Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee going forward. As we told you before, it was a bad night for Kevin DeWine and his allies.

    For example, there were 15 members that we know voted for the illegal rule change regarding who can be seated on the committee. Only 6 were re-elected. The author of the amendment, Charles Knight, went down to defeat.

    In an effort to save face, DeWine came out and declared victory. And now, committee member Andrew Manning, one of the few sitting members left who are loyal to DeWine, is making allegations against Governor Kasich.

    “After the meeting,” Manning added in the affidavit, “I felt somewhat uncomfortable. I have always tried to conduct myself ethically, and this did not sit well with me.”

    Manning says he is uncomfortable with Governor Kasich, but happily spent thousands of dollars of donor money sending out mailers to fool people into thinking he was an ally of the Governor and would work with him.

    Photo of mailers courtesy GOHP Blog.

    The fact of the matter is that Manning is making wild accusations, but offering no evidence at all. And why did he wait until now, if this had supposedly been going on for weeks? Because they lost, and lost big.

    Ohio Republicans signaled that they have had enough with the corrupt leadership of their party, and now DeWine and his allies are trying to tear down the Governor in response. Remember how DeWine’s staff gave Sandy Calvert instructions on how to work against Governor Kasich? I wouldn’t be surprised if Manning got his marching orders just like Sandy did.

    Yes, Manning is so ethical, that he voted to change the rules of who could serve on the State Central Committee, long after candidates had already filed and started campaigning. He is so ethical, that he embrazened his campaign literature with a logo that said “Tea Party Values”, after supporting an amendment that was clearly aimed at keeping the Tea Party out. He is so ethical, that he used Governor Kasich to win his committee race, and then goes out and tries to tear him down.

    *sniff sniff* Smell that? It’s the odor of desperation.

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