• More bad news for Ed Fitzgerald

    by  • September 12, 2014 • Uncategorized

    Ed Fitzgerald wants Ohioans to forget about all of his scandals, move on and consider him a legitimate candidate for governor.

    It isn’t working.

    On Wednesday, Rasmussen released a poll showing Governor Kasich leading him by 20 points. That followed a University of Akron poll that showed a 19-point gap.

    And today we found out that there’s even more to the story when it comes to Fitzgerald’s driving record. Henry Gomez reports that he lied on government paperwork about whether he had any driving offenses.

    LAKEWOOD, Ohio – When a young Ed FitzGerald sought a vacant seat on the City Council here 15 years ago, the application asked if he had any traffic violations.

    FitzGerald, a lawyer and former FBI agent, disclosed none. Yet on the day he signed the form, he was due in court to answer to a citation for expired license plates.

    Records show he admitted guilt a day later, on Jan. 12, 1999, and paid $75. It was at least his third ticket since 1991 and at least the second for expired plates. Months later, Lakewood police cited FitzGerald yet again for the same reason.

    Fitzgerald is now saying he misunderstood the question.

    FitzGerald checked the “no” column because he did not believe the question applied to his past tickets, said Lauren Hitt, his campaign’s press secretary.

    “He would have willingly and happily disclosed these traffic tickets at the time if that’s what he had understood them to be asking,”

    Good grief. When “I have poor reading comprehension” is your latest excuse, that’s pretty pathetic. This sounds like another “my friends were lost” type of answer. I question whether Ohioans now believe anything Ed says anymore, and just figure he’s lying about this too.

    What a wreck.


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