• No, Donald Trump, most whites are not murdered by blacks

    by  • November 23, 2015 • Uncategorized

    Days after a racist comment by Donald Trump aimed at Marco Rubio, the Donald has topped himself by tweeting a very racially tinged graphic that claims that 81% of white people who are murdered are killed by blacks.

    Amazingly, he hasn’t deleted it. Yet…


    Trump is flat out lying here.

    According to official statistics from the FBI as reported by the Washington Post, it’s the exact opposite. When white people are murdered, it’s overwhelming by the hand of other white people. 82% to be exact.


    Capture2Worse yet, Trump retweeted the bogus information from a neo-Nazi white supremacist who admires Hitler and has a modified swastika as his Twitter logo.

    Why is Donald Trump injecting race politics into his campaign? And why is he telling his supporters that most white people are killed by black people? This is textbook racism.

    How on earth do people believe that this man has the temperament to be president?

    I would expect to hear this kind of race propaganda at a KKK gathering from Billy Bob to a fellow redneck. “Ya know these black folk are doin’ most of the killin’ of our white brothers!”

    I wouldn’t expect to hear it from a man running to be president of the United States.


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