• Obama Losing Ground in Every Major Demographic

    by  • October 22, 2012 • Uncategorized

    Obama’s victory in 2008 was by a 7% margin, what many Democrats want you to believe was a landslide victory.  Considering some major polls had him up double-digits in the days leading up to the election, that’s not exactly a “landslide,” but a decisive victory, nonetheless.  And Barack Obama did it with support from nearly every major demographic group.

    Unfortunately for the President, that support has eroded… dramatically.  According to Gallup, the President has lost significant ground in nearly every major demographic group from where he was in 2008:

    Gallup puts him at a net 11% point loss with U.S. likely voters, but the more you drill down, the more stark the losses become.

    • Obama’s lost 24% among college graduates, and a whopping average of 10% among all educational demographics.
    • Obama’s down 14% among men, and despite his campaign lies to swing women voters, has lost 8% among women.
    • Obama’s down 22% in the southern U.S., but more surprisingly, down 10% in the far-more liberal eastern U.S.

    It’s no wonder even liberal polling groups are saying Obama’s in hot water, as Real Clear Politics has Romney with the edge in the electoral college for the first time. 

    Let’s keep the momentum going, and make sure Obama lives up to his promise of a one-term proposition.


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