• School Choice: For Some Politicians, It’s Not About The Kids

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    Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) knows first hand the importance of education. His own elementary years were challenging as he moved frequently. Because of this, Scott has become a vocal proponent for school choice.

    He sponsored the School Choice Act that will increase the educational options for military families and students with disabilities. It also would expand the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program.

    Over 20,000 students in the District of Columbia are on waiting lists for charter schools. President Obama is once again attempting to gut the voucher program. President Obama has been at odds with allowing low-income children to escape failing schools during his entire Administration. The Obama daughters attend private schools at the same time the President works to deny their peers a similar opportunity.

    The President wants student’s education to be determined by their zip code. He wants children to stay in neighborhood schools if their parents are unable to afford to send them elsewhere. Senator Scott, on the other hand, wants tax dollars to follow the students.

     “By the time I was in the fourth grade, I had gone to four different elementary schools. Whether it’s well intentioned or not, the face of the matter is that it is very difficult, very difficult, to fund the right school when the kid moves. The easiest way for us to create a system that is child-centric, that focuses first and foremost on the outcome of the student, is to make sure that the resources to provide the opportunity that America should give to every single individual happens by funding the student. Where the student goes, the money should follow. When that happens, I believe the American dream comes alive…”

    The reason for President Obama’s opposition to the DC Opportunity Scholarship can likely be found on the pages of his campaign finance report. Throwing more money at failing schools often does nothing more than bolster the unions. DC Charter Schools have proven that it can be cheaper to provide these same students with a better education outside of their traditional public school.

    But, for some politicians, it’s not about the kids.




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