• Obama Thinks That Was Enthusiasm? Let’s Show Him Real Enthusiasm

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    It’s entertaining to hear from Ohio Democrats trying to spin the latest Obama rally as a success.  For those outside of the Columbus area, Obama held a rally today with The Boss and Jay-Z to help drum up support.  Heck, I know more than a few Republican Springsteen fans that turned out, just for the music.

    Sadly for the Obama campaign, the rally could only fill a little more than two-thirds of the 21,000 seat Nationwide Arena, yet Democrats seem to think that was a success:

    Apparently 6,000 empty seats is a success to Ohio Democrats.  Then again, you’ll have to excuse Chairman Redfern’s poor math.  He thinks he lives in a district 100 miles away from where his residence is actually located.  But even those at RealClearPolitics picked up on the apparent lack of enthusiasm, despite the rally’s star-power.

    In case Democrats have forgotten what actual grassroots looks like, let’s recap the last few Romney rallies in the Buckeye State:

    30,000+ in West Chester last Friday.

    12,000+ in Defiance (a city of just 16,000!) on October 25th
    12,000 in Columbus today:

    What’s more, the Columbus rally above was over-capacity, needing 2,000 seats for the overflowing crowd.

    That’s what enthusiasm looks like, folks–and it’s the kind of enthusiasm that wins elections.  As for Obama? While Democrats can spin it all they want, he’s struggling to turnout at even McCain’s 2008 levels:

    So just a couple days from Election Day 2012, President Obama can’t even rally enough enthusiasm to surpass a horribly failed presidential candidate–in heavy-Democrat Northeast Ohio?!

    No wonder the polls show the President needs to meet or surpass the historical Democrat turnout of 2008 to even have a chance to win this thing.

    Let’s show Democrats what true enthusiasm is.  Get out the vote, get your friends, family & colleagues to vote.  It’s time to ensure Obama lives up to his one-term proposition.


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