• Obama wants to protect women from employers like himself

    by  • April 8, 2014 • Uncategorized

    There has been a lot of blabber coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue regarding unfair pay practices for women.  The gender wage gap is explained by life choices, including child rearing and choice of college major.   If employers simply paid women less for the same work, wouldn’t women be dominating the workforce?  Wouldn’t employers hire women over men simply so they could pay them less?   The Equal Pay Act was signed into law 51 years ago and should already provide discriminatory pay practices.

    The Obama Administration must be using common core math to justify it’s #WaronWomen nonsense.   Comparing all full time women and men’s salaries is absurd.  Even comparing them in the same position is ridiculous.   It’s nothing more than an “ends justify the means” talking point.  The Obama Administration even pays women 88 cents for every dollar male staffers make.

    The White House says that job experience, hours worked, and education are the reasons female staffers are paid less.  Captain Obvious states these are the same reasons for the pay gap in the private sector.  But, in an Administration devoid of reality we can only expect doublespeak.

    This hypocrisy isn’t limited to inside the Beltway.  The Ohio Democratic Party also is spewing this nonsense.  The ODP needs to look in a mirror as it’s endorsed gubernatorial candidate pays his female staffers 75% as much as his male staffers.  

    It’s time to put away the mom jeans, Mr. President.  This is your “Emperor has no clothes” moment.   This is the DNC’s continued demeaning of women, degrading us down to nothing more than talking points for midterm elections.


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