• ODP Chairman Redfern moving on to B&B named after himself

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    redfern-pirate021313redfern-pirate5Last night we reported that Steve Kraus defeated ODP Chairman Chris Redfern to claim the 89th Ohio House district.

    The election was a complete and utter disaster for Redfern in more ways than one.

    His failed pick of a gubernatorial candidate led to a sweep of every statewide office. The Republican incumbents all ran excellent campaigns and probably would have won anyway, but the Redfern/Fitzgerald failure turned it into a historic debacle. Governor Kasich won by a whopping 31 points, even more than the rosiest of polls had predicted.

    Then, as we watched the returns come in, Redfern started losing his own House seat.


    ODP Chairman Chris Redfern

    ODP Chairman Chris Redfern

    We told you about rumors that Sherrod Brown wanted Redfern gone as ODP Chairman weeks ago. Earlier yesterday, Redfern was defiant, saying he was there to stay.

    “I was elected to a four-year term just under eight months ago and I’m looking forward to electing the first female president of the United States in two years,” he said in Columbus in reference to Hillary Clinton.

    However, after his own defeat in the House, he then announced he would step down.

    “Tonight, I offered up my resignation as chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party, effective mid-December,” Redfern said in a statement the party released Tuesday night. “It has been an honor and a privilege to build what I believe to be the strongest state party in the country.”

    After last night, I think I’ll just let that last sentence speak for itself.

    Redfern also has deleted both of his Twitter accounts, @repredfern and @odpchairman.

    It appears that his immediate plans now will be devoting his attention to a bed and breakfast named after himself: The Red Fern Inn.

    Redfern appears ready to walk away from state politics, which has dominated his life for nearly two decades. He said he plans to continue developing a bed and breakfast and winery he owns in Marblehead.


    As sweet as it is to see him booted out of the House, it’s also bittersweet for a blogger. Redfern’s mouth and love of all things pirate have provided plenty of content over the years.

    I almost kind of miss him already.



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