• Ohio Election Wrap-up

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    The results out of the election were bad, but not completely so. Here are some good things for Ohio Republicans to take out of 2012:

    – Republicans still hold a large majority in the Ohio House, 60-39. ODP Chairman Chris Redfern will return to his seat representing the 89th district, even though he doesn’t live there. He is expected to be the minority leader, and a small minority it will be.

    – Republicans also still maintain a super-majority in the Ohio Senate, outnumbering Democrats 23-10.

    – The Ohio delegation to Congress is 12 Republicans to 4 Democrats. Come 2013, Betty Sutton and Dennis Kucinich will no longer represent Ohioans in the U.S. House of Representatives.

    – Sharon Kennedy was elected to the Ohio Supreme Court, defeating extreme left-wing Strickland appointee Yvette McGee Brown. This was a great win, but unfortunately it is tempered by the defeat of Robert Cupp by rapist sympathizer William O’Neill.

    – The defeat of Issue 2. Ohioans weren’t fooled by Big Labor’s attempted power grab and soundly rejected their misguided redistricting scheme.

    Finally, Governor Kasich’s approval rating is in positive territory, 52-39 according to an average of recent polls as of this writing. We’ll be sure to see Ohio Democrats focus their attention on him now and attempt to tear those numbers down. But if Ohio continues to see job growth outpace the nation as a whole, as has been the case during his tenure, he should be a tough man to beat in 2014.

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