• Ohio teachers union official arrested for soliciting a prostitute

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    Last week, law enforcement authorities made 8 arrests in Bowling Green on prostitution charges. According to NBC 24 news:

    BOWLING GREEN — Authorities conducted a human trafficking enforcement operation at a hotel in Bowling Green on Tuesday resulting in the arrest of eight people.

    Officials arrested and charged eight people on soliciting prostitution, a misdemeanor of the third degree: 34-year-old Joseph Grier of Toledo, Ohio; 31-year-old Jessica Houghtlen of Toledo; 26-year-old Colleen Forshey of Toledo; 28-year-old Jonathan Jared of Pemberville; 51-year-old Michael Mceachern of Perrysburg; 51-year-old Paul Sciuga of Arlington, Ohio; 41-year-old Alva J. Foy of Toledo.

    This appears to be the same Michael Mceachern in Perrysburg that works for the Ohio Education Association as a Labor Relations Consultant. A 51-year old Michael Mceachern is registered to vote at an address in Perrysburg, and he listed the OEA as his employer when he made a contribution to the Strickland campaign in 2010, according to the Secretary of State’s website.
    The NWOEA still lists Mceachern on their website as the contact for the OEA’s Holland Service Council, which includes at least 10 local teachers unions.

    He was paid over $140,000 by the OEA in 2012. The OEA’s most recent report filed with the Department of Labor shows that he was paid almost $150,000 last year.

    It certainly isn’t good news for the Ohio Education Association to have one of their highly-paid regional officials be arrested for soliciting. If he is convicted, one wonders if the teachers being forced to pay his salary think solicitation is a good use of their dues.

    Thanks to Tea Party at Perrysburg for the tip.


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