• Desperate For Any Traction, Carney Throws A Hail Mary Of Lies

    by  • October 8, 2014 • 1 Comment

    The Ohio Democratic Party has had an awful year.  The personal and political shortcomings of Ed Fitzgerald will likely lead to a Republican sweep of the statewide races.  It’s time for some desperate moves.  And Democrat John Patrick Carney, who is running for Auditor of State, has thrown his Hail Mary.  Sadly, Carney’s own...

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    ODP Spokesman links Pepper family to untruthful dark money ad

    by  • October 1, 2014 • 2 Comments

    Ohio Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Brian Hester is one of the most active Ohio Democrats on Twitter. Last night, in a bizarre twitter argument with a parody account of flailing Democrat AG candidate David Pepper, Hester made an epic slip — one that could lead to legal action. It is well known in...

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    Redfern Forgets Talking Points; Accidentally Throws Fitz Overboard

    by  • September 29, 2014 • 5 Comments

    In a recent interview with the New York Times, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern attempted to throw Ed Fitzgerald off the ship. “I’ve never met a former FBI agent who doesn’t have a driver’s license,” Redfern told the Times’ Trip Gabriel, who described the exchange as a figurative finger pointed at FitzGerald. “It’s...

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    Plunderbund’s short memory regarding the Dispatch poll

    by  • September 16, 2014 • 6 Comments

    You may have seen the Columbus Dispatch poll released over the weekend that shows Governor Kasich with a whopping 30-point lead over the wreck that is Edward Fitzgerald. With Ohio Democratic voters apparently sitting on their hands this election, the party could be headed for an epic defeat in the governor’s race. Republican Gov....

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    More bad news for Ed Fitzgerald

    by  • September 12, 2014 • 4 Comments

    Ed Fitzgerald wants Ohioans to forget about all of his scandals, move on and consider him a legitimate candidate for governor. It isn’t working. On Wednesday, Rasmussen released a poll showing Governor Kasich leading him by 20 points. That followed a University of Akron poll that showed a 19-point gap. And today we found...

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