• Plain Dealer Columnist: Constitution guarantees the right to abortion

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    Thomas Suddes says abortion is a Constitutional right and freedom is an imposition

    Thomas Suddes says abortion is a Constitutional right and freedom is an imposition

    So much stupid.

    Plain Dealer clown columnist Thomas Suddes actually wrote that the right to kill your unborn child is enshrined in the Constitution.

    Senate and House Republicans stand foursquare behind one constitutional right — to keep and bear arms. But as for the constitutional right of women to obtain abortions, that’s different.


    Even as much as the abortion loving Democrats promote abortion, I’ve never seen one be stupid enough to say that it’s a Constitutional right.

    Of course, Northeast Ohioans are used to this kind of diarrhea of the mouth from Suddes. And the rest of his column continues to deliver the same.

    He goes on to describe the right for a worker to CHOOSE whether he wants to join a union or not as an “imposition”.

    House Bill 151 would impose Right to Work on private-sector jobs. House Bill 152 would impose Right to Work on public-sector jobs.

    You know that liberals have lost the moral argument when they start describing things in Bizarro world. By Suddes logic:

    • The first amendment imposes free speech on people.
    • The first amendment imposes freedom on the press.
    • The second amendment imposes the right to bear arms for self defense.
    • The fourth amendment imposes you to be free from unreasonable search and siezure without probably cause.

    Suddes entire column is so illogical and non-sensical that it’s difficult to read.

    He goes onto to compare workers’ freedom to choose to slavery. Seriously.

     (Claiming Right to Work is about workplace freedom is like calling a slave owner a job creator.)

    The level of stupid and the amount of lies in this column is simply unfathomable.

    But can you guess who thinks this column is great?  Can you guess who promoted a column claiming abortion is Constitutionally guaranteed and workplace freedom is an imposition on their Facebook page?

    Ed Fitzgerald.




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