• Presidential Embarrassment

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    President Obama has always had a deferential relationship with China, but comments he made in the past few days are particularly disconcerting. According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, President Obama explained that he has been unwilling to tackle China’s blatant currency manipulation and other foreign trade violations for fear of “embarrassing China.” That, he said, would lead to an “all-out trade war.”

    Obama bows to Hu Jintao

    If there’s a trait that has defined President Obama, it is timidity on the world stage. Time and again, he has refused to take a strong stand for fear of offending our adversaries. Whether it is his failed reset with Russia, his failure to prevent Iran’s march to a nuclear weapon, or his inability to stand up to China, this tendency has led to one setback after another.

    What the President fails to grasp is that American strength has done more to advance our interests in foreign policy than any other initiative, and American weakness only emboldens our competitors. A strong America is what the world needs, and it is what the American worker needs as well.

    The President can’t lead out of fear, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that this president knows no other way.

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