• Republicans pick up 5 seats in the Ohio House, will have 65-34 majority

    by  • November 5, 2014 • Uncategorized

    According to returns so far, it appears that every Republican seat in the Ohio has been protected.

    The bigger news is that there have been five pickups for Republicans. Here they are:

    1. Let’s start with the big upset. Steve Kraus has defeated Chris Redfern in the 89th district. Huge win.

    2. Tim Ginter clobbered Nick Barborak in the 5th district in Columbiana County. This was our best pickup opportunity and Ginter delivered bigtime.

    3. This one has got to sting for the Ohio Democratic Party. Jonathan Dever beat their favorite candidate Micah Kamrass by 14 points to take Connie Pillich’s seat in the 28th district. It probably didn’t help that he forgot how to spell Ohio.


    4. Jeff Rezabek beat Roland Winburn in the 43rd district.

    5. In Lorain County, my friend Nathan Manning has taken Matt Lundy’s old seat in the 55th district with a 12 point victory.

    Republicans in the Ohio House are now 1 vote short of a 2/3 majority, which is needed to pass legislation without being subject to referendum.

    Hats off to OHROC, the caucus fundraising arm for a great cycle.

    P.S. Republicans also protected and maintained their 23-10 majority in the Ohio Senate.


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