• Sherrod Brown: It’s time to fix our bridges (again)

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    Sherrod Brown wants to borrow more money to fix the infrastructure he said would be fixed by the stimulus bill

    Sherrod Brown wants to borrow more money to fix the infrastructure he said would be fixed by the stimulus bill

    Sherrod Brown told us in 2009 that we absolutely positively had to pass the Stimulus Bill because we needed improvements made to our roadways and bridges. He stood on the Brent Space Bridge in Cincinnati with the Emaculated One and claimed that the “jobs bill” <ahem> would fix that exact bridge and would get the economy headed in the right direction. Well, the Stimulus Bill passed. That must mean that all of our roads and bridges are wonderful now, right?

    Why is it then that Senator Brown sent an e-mail out yesterday, May 17, 2014, a full 5 years after the Stimulus was passed, asking voters to “Demand that Congress take action to repair America’s crumbling bridges”

    Yes, you read that right, ‘Ol Brown, the most liberal senator in Washington, is asking the American taxpayers to fund a project that he said was already funded.

    Typical liberal hypocrisy. THE SKY IS FALLING!!! Or, in this case, the bridge. We have to spend a trillion dollars, yes, trillion with a “T”, to fix everything that that evil and coldhearted George Bush let decay (because he hates black people).

    Then, of course, the Obama cronies don’t spend one red cent on a single project they claimed the money would go for, and come back time after time asking for more money and claiming that Chicken Little will fix all of your problems.

    The e-mail goes on to say “Congress needs to devote significant resources to repairing our nation’s crumbling infrastructure. I know it. The President knows it. And I know you know it, too.”

    Apparently, in the world inside the beltway, a trillion dollars isn’t “significant resources”. To the average taxpayer, $20 is a “significant resource”, Mr. Brown. Before you and your cronies took over the White House, we had crumbling bridges, and a need for infrastructure improvement. Now,  we have crumbling bridges, a need for infrastructure improvement, and $6 Trillion more added to the national debt! Three cheers for Obama!

    As long as liberals control our government, this type of dumbassery will continue. It’s not about money. It’s about control. More of your hard earned dollars going to fund, well, nothing. More of your grandchildren’s hard earned dollars to fund the same nothing. Call Sherrod Brown and tell him how you feel. Better yet, vote Republican and take away his power. We can’t rule if we don’t win.

    As always, remember: Elections have Consequences……


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