• Sherrod Brown’s Budget Politics Ring Hollow

    by  • October 22, 2013 • Uncategorized

    The federal shutdown came and went.  And the average American didn’t notice much.  That didn’t stop the most liberal U.S. Senator in America from trying to capitalize on it with a fundraising appeal:


    To be fair, Standard & Poor’s did release the report, saying that the shutdown cost the U.S. economy roughly $1.5 billion per day.  What Senator Brown missed, however, is that the $24 billion figure represents just 0.15% of the total GDP in this country.  While that’s not insignificant, it’s hardly something worth sounding the alarms.  Particularly when Senator Brown’s record isn’t one of fiscal responsibility.

    The current federal budget deficit hit $750 billion at the end of August, or roughly $3.1 billion per day—more than twice what the shutdown cost.  As a percentage, that represents 29% of funds the federal government spends each day.

    So that’s 0.15% to draw attention to a job-killing liberal policy versus 29% in fiscally irresponsible spending shifted on to the backs of our children and grandchildren.

    Perhaps Senator Brown should resist the urge to throw stones, lest his own glass house come crushing down on him.


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