• PG Sittenfeld to run ads hitting Ted Strickland for refusing to debate

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    Tonight is the first presidential debate for the Democrats. We’ll see 5 old white people on stage, racing to the left as avowed socialist Bernie Sanders has become a serious threat to Hillary Clinton.

    Another Democrat will be using the time to introduce himself. However, he won’t be on stage.

    Cincinnati councilman P.G. Sittenfeld is challenging Ted Strickland in next year’s primary for Ohio’s U.S. Senate seat, currently occupied by Republican Rob Portman. The winner will take on Portman in the general.

    The Ohio Democratic Party months ago endorsed the former governor, much to the chagrin of many Ohio Democrats who believe the state party should stay out of the primary.

    The state party even refused to let Sittenfeld speak at their state dinner. Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bill O’Neill, the only Democrat on the court and one of the only two statewide elected Democrats, was quite miffed when the ODP appeared to “coronate” Strickland. He posted an angry rant on Facebook when it happened.


    Sittenfeld has also challenged Strickland to a series of debates, but Strickland doesn’t want to debate him. During tonight’s debate, Sittenfeld will run an ad asking him why.

    Two other ads are also available below. Watch for the dramatic body turn!

    Sittenfeld might be a statewide player in the future, but he’s got quite a wall to climb since Strickland has near universal name recognition as the former governor (who wrecked Ohio). Strickland also will raise many times more funds than Sittenfeld.

    Why is Ted Strickland afraid of P.G. Sittenfeld?


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