• Ted’s still a flop, and the ODP gets lamer

    by  • December 8, 2011 • Uncategorized

    Over a week and a half ago, national Democrats and the White House cranked up their attack machine against Mitt Romney with a new video and website they call mittvmitt.com. And guess who they got to kick off the campaign, right here in Ohio? None other than former governor Ted Strickland. The Ohio Democratic Party put up a video of Ted’s announcement of the attack. I actually feel a little embarrassed for Ted, because no one seems to care or want to watch him. As of today, 9 days later, after the story was carried nationally, how many views does Ted have?

    35. And two of those are mine.

    So, lets help Ted out. Maybe we can do him a favor and double it to 70.

    And speaking of videos from the Ohio Dems, I saw quite a few of them patting each other on the back today about some great new video making fun of Josh Mandel. “Master of communication” Sandy Theis talked about the “HILARIOUS new video”. Hey, I’ve laughed at good political videos that have made fun of Republicans before, so I clicked on it hoping for a laugh.

    What a lame disappointment. It’s not even a real video. It’s from Xtranormal, the site that lets you make up your own cartoon videos. Yes, folks, its a made up cartoon where they literally put made up words in Mandel’s mouth. You can view it here.

    Xtranormal is usually used by blogs and the like. Yet, here we have a major state political party using it, and slapping each other on the back for a supposed brilliant production. In reality, it is really just plain lazy. Ridiculous.



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