• The Cost of Voting No on 2

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    Opponents of the reforms in Issue 2 blame busted local budgets on the way Governor Kasich handled the $8 billion deficit Ted Strickland left behind. In effect, government union bosses who thrive on a broken status quo insist the problem is too little spending. Like all leftists who decry spending cuts, union bosses want to raise our taxes.

    For proof, consider Ohio school districts’ five-year forecasts from October 2010. Based on papered-over Strickland state figures – before Governor Kasich was even elected – districts projected major shortfalls by 2015. If we vote down Issue 2, how will local leaders cover these deficits? Layoffs, higher taxes, program cuts… choose any combination of the three.

    Without Senate Bill 5, every resident of these Ohio school districts would have to pay between $1200 and $1500 in 2015 to cover the deficits forecast last fall:

    Lakewood Local School District $1,498
    Princeton City School District $1,383
    Upper Scioto Valley Local School District $1,376
    Hudson City School District $1,368
    Avon Lake City School District $1,345
    St. Marys City School District $1,333
    Osnaburg Local School District $1,314
    Maple Heights City School District $1,293
    Berlin-Milan Local School District $1,292
    Nordonia Hills City School District $1,283
    Russia Local School District $1,276
    Huber Heights City School District $1,273
    Northmont City School District $1,273
    Valley View Local School District $1,266
    Bradford Exempted Village School District $1,262
    Southwest Licking Local School District $1,260
    Benton-Carroll-Salem Local School District $1,251
    Oakwood City School District $1,249
    North Olmsted City School District $1,242
    Medina City School District $1,240
    Beachwood City School District $1,213

    In 2010, more than 450 Ohio school districts forecast deficits amounting to more than $100 per resident by 2015. These 21 districts aren’t even the worst examples!

    Unfortunately for Ohio union bosses, heated rhetoric won’t melt mathematical reality. With your Yes vote on Issue 2, you can make it easier for school districts throughout state to address deficits without raising taxes, reducing services, or firing teachers.

    Get the facts behind the anti-reform smear campaign, check out county-by-county school district forecasts, and then vote Yes on Issue 2!

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